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All Axis Aerial is multi-experienced in Aerial Cinematography, our UAS feature stabilization gimbals, GPS with telemetry, live view ground station and waypoint planning. We are able to fly our aircraft at diverse elevations to capture the perfect shot, whether that be a few feet above the ground or several hundred. Through the use of advanced gimbals we can pull focus during our flight. The use of GPS and Way Point Navigation allows for nearly the same shot every time.

All Axis Aerial understands all of the aspects of production and cinematography. We are experienced in broadcast and cinematic media production and have worked with a number of camera set-ups, directors and producers. Our UAS can fly many popular camera packages. This allows the director and DP to take the camera far beyond what they have imagined. The result is similar to that of a helicopter but with ability to move within any any axis and fit in tight spaces with the fluidity of a steady cam, yet there is much less set up and tear down time and a great difference in expense. Our UAS cinematography packages save your production time and money while increasing the visual aspect of each project.